We are very excited to receive your phone call to say if you need to talk to us before placing us with your team for the support of operational business activities of any size. We are open to travel and our rates are dependent on the type of project, length, and location. For long term contracts, we are open to negotiating a win-win deal.

Our day rates are considerably less when measured what we actually bring to the table. Of course and needless to say, initial discussions are free of charge and if we don’t suit you or vice versa, we do not invoice for 2 weeks of billing (for initial contracts of 3 or more months). When you hire us, you will have assessed us, this is to demo our confidence of not only being able to deliver what we agreed to deliver as well as our self-assessment capabilities before taking up support projects.

In most cases, reasonable all-inclusive rates can be agreed towards your support arrangements. We are open to remote projects or onsite. We are also open and willing to offer support on an hourly basis with possible options as below

  • One hour a day
  • Few days a month (break down to hours and rounded to minimum of 15 minute blocks)
  • Few hours or days over Seasonal Support (Summer holidays, Absence cover, busy times such as patch updates and issues resolution)

Please drop us a line for availability.